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Punggol Secondary's 2n4 , 2009 :)
Featuring , Miss Khadijah .

th ladies ,
th gentlemen ,
2n4 is always 2n4 ,
1B♥ 1C♥ 1N4♥ 1T1♥ 1T2♥ 2b♥ 2n2♥ 2n3♥ 2n2`o8♥
♥Alwys a song , never ending ,
I found our old fotos !
Saturday, December 5, 2009
Class outing !
Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hey guys ,

Class had been long time nu outing fr s long ,since last yr bbq wasn't quite great yeh , how bout this december coming had a chalet or agn a bbq ?  ,Cause i had go to web and see chalet booking is very expensive , s bout movie or just ton @ pasir ris ?:x LOL , idk ,but i knw some of our classmate cant ton yeah , s , chalet is idk lah ?:x ,but bbq is much more recommend , S cann have sme ideas of go to class outing ??O:

Thanks !


krystal .


Our 2n4
Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hey guy's  i just make a slide show of our 2n4 ,hope u all like it !:D


2n4 , Alway's is 2n4
Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's been fr so long tht 2n4 had not been updated , we had been sweet & sour f/s , But , we can cope well you knw , although alot thing's had happen in 2n4 , but alway's will be over , & guy's need to grow up seriously , no more playing &need studies , Sec3 is a streaming year alr , 2n4 had been tgt fr 2 years ,and this 2010 need to be separate , although we had been separate fr diffrent class ,but we were always look tht happy side , knowing tht 2n4 is always my class , even i go other class or wht , i still miss 2n4 , i doubt guys will forget it right ,we had tht class foto :) , i wish 2n4 will always remain as one class, Although ,sometyme's we had fun & tai ji or wht , but 2n4 never left behind ,although we are teh last class ,but doesn't means last class will be alway's teh last ,s wht we were slow in studies ,doesnt mean slow is uncapatable right ? :) , Doesn't means we bad in results , we are a loser,2n4 aint a loser ,but also aint a winner ,cause we never knew wehn we were loser or winner ,2n4 had won teh dancing thing's at st john ,see how teh teamswork gone thru ,seen how we had fun & bondin game ,2008 we were shy & all this and dont knw how to communicate ,now we knw each other more well , And is very sad fr us to see one by one leaving us , But we had always rmb those bestfrens , And 2n4 we need an outing :) , So we can plan a bbq :) , And gave a sweet hug before we went to our diffrent class :)

S guy's , think bout an outing , & everybody must go :) ,it isn't a force or compulsory ,but is teh last and teh memorable outin fr us :) ,S why not go ?:) Consider.

Had a outing on tgt at december @ bbq ?^ ^:D 

Or as chalet ?:)  

Krystal ,


Thursday, July 30, 2009
okay ppl , there's this misunderstanding between 1n4 & me .
so just ignore tht bloody post . uh , sickening .
ask me if you wanna knw what happened yea .
everything is fine now , so just ... live life happily.

-grace :B


Sunday, July 26, 2009
Hey guy's , Krystal is back :3
Hurhhurh , I long tyme nvr post cause i forget class& teh password ): , & i just feeling better ,idk im still going to school , seeems 2n4 is happy w.o me huhuh ?:D , meeeee loveeee 2n4 , srry desmond tht i transfr to u , apologised ): , hope u greatly fine ,if not imah go ask people xfr more sick to me ,&shihui i also hope u faster get back well , cause to me pain is unbearable if u all xfr to me , im serious . And guy's we dont invite some childish boombers spammers to our class ,dirty our class web ): Spring cleaaaning class !:D ,
ok tmr is physics test , do well , idk im going anrt , See my moood (: {L}


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ms Dhanya wans me to tell your that tml rmb to bring the "investigating the past" worksheet.



Tml english common test.

Rmb to study well k?


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Thanks ^^



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